August 13, 2015

Weekly Sale > Medium-Base String Light Sets

This week's sale features one of the most popular light sets used for backyard and patio lighting ... Medium Base String Lights with 11S14 Bulbs! These convenient, ready-to-go sets are available in 48- or 100- foot lengths, black or white cord, and standard or suspended sockets.

This style of string lighting is frequently seen on restaurant patios, hence so many people are looking to replicate this look for their patios and backyards. 

Patio & Backyard String Lights
String Light Set with Standard Socket
Patio & Backyard String Lights
String Light Set with Suspended Socket
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August 5, 2015

Weekly Sale > C9 String Light Sets

Summer is still in full swing so check out the first of our weekly sales ... C9 String Light Sets! From 25' to 100', these ready-to-go sets include the cord and the popular globe lights. You'll have the picture perfect patio or backyard lighting in no time!

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June 11, 2015

Outdoor Patio Lighting

Creating a beautiful patio is easier than you think. Along with just a few pieces of furniture, outdoor patio lighting is the winning ingredient. Whether you entertain friends, family or simply love to have a great outdoor space to enjoy day or night, outdoor patio lighting will set whatever mood you desire.

Starting with the basics, novelty patio lights are an easy addition to a backyard or party theme. From margaritas to soccer balls, add these fun lights just for fun to dress up a party or hang around the bar area or patio railing. Most novelty patio lights are listed for indoor or outdoor use, but keep in mind that extreme climates may shorten their life span.

Cocktail Party Lights

C7 globe patio lights also offer an inexpensive, quick solution for patio string lighting. Choose from the main options of cord color, bulb color, bulb size and lengths so you can find the perfect lighting for your space. It is understandable why these simple string light sets are so popular!

Globe Patio String Lights

Conversely, if you're looking for a permanent option, consider commercial grade string lights. These heavy duty, high quality light strands are intended for permanent installation and long-term use. Many cord lengths and colors are available to fit your needs, or custom cut lengths are available to exactly fit your space. European cafe patio lights provide an upscale, more decorative alternative to the standard commercial cord and bulb look, but still has all the high end qualities of commercial grade string lights.

European Cafe Patio Lights

Another decorative alternative is awning lights. These are typically known for hanging from RV awnings, but they are just as decorative to hang from a pergola, overhang, gazebo or party tent. The cords are coiled to allow for stretching to the length and bulb spacing you need. You can choose from several lengths and globe colors ... even red, white and blue for all those patriotic holidays!

Awning Patio Lights

To balance out your outdoor patio lighting, add table accent lighting as well. Battery-operated candles have greatly improved. Pillars specifically designed for the outdoors create the perfect mood with the mess and hazard of real wax candles. Weather-resistant resin allows you to leave them outdoors, convenient programmable timer automatically turns them on/off at the same time each night, and miniature drain holes in the top are a key feature.

Battery Operated Candles

A final creative idea for accent outdoor patio lighting is LED portable lanterns. They are rechargeable, which gives you the convenience of using in areas where you don't have outlets. The color-changing modes and brightness adjustment are perfect for parties or just ambient light to relax.

Portable Patio Lights

Whether you want to create a theme, decorate for a party or maintain a wonderful outdoor oasis for your friends and family, outdoor patio lighting is easy, fun, functional and the options to build and expand are infinite.

Need more inspiration?  Check out our Patio Glow Pinterest board.

May 13, 2015

Tropical Backyard Party

Even though Polyvore has been around for awhile, PartyLights.com is just getting started on this great site. The site has the perfect tools to group related items in visually appealing "sets". Whether it's a specific theme, design style or color scheme you like, the ideas are endless at Polyvore.

We've included our first set below. Check out our new Polyvore profile, and follow us!

Tropical Backyard Party